TEDX Solebury School 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018
2:30 - 5:00pm
Performing Arts Center

TEDx is a one-day, free event featuring inspirational speakers who share their passions and ideas regarding key components of change and innovation. The goal is to spark deep discussion and enable you to be part of a social and global change.


Lakumi Dias '18
Watch the Talk: Why Art?
Contact: lakumidias@gmail.com


Jonathan Lopes, Asst. Dir., Career Development
Watch the Talk: The Power and Promise of College Mentorship
Contact: jonathanlopes00@yahoo.com

Vanessa Ingram, poet/vocalist/activist
Watch the Performance: Truth is Relative
Contact: ms.vanessa726@gmail.com



Kelly Sullivan, art crusader
Watch the Talk: Exercise Your Imagination
Contact: kelly@paint.team
Website: thebabblingbrush.com/
Facebook: @KellySullivanFineArt/


John Bochanski, astrophysicist, astrophysicist, professor
Watch the Talk: Tomorrow’s View of Our Universe
Contact: jbochanski@rider.edu
Website: Johnbochanski.com
Twitter: @jbocha


Maya Kollman, Imago therapist and trainer
Watch the Talk: Mining the Gold in Conflicted Relationships
Contact: mayaimago@aol.com
Website: mayakollman.com




TEDx Organizers: Diane Downs and Nicole Mount
Master of Ceremonies: Erik Daughterman '18
Video Producer: Brian Pearson
2nd Camera Person: Tim Carroll '21
Technical Director: Peter Martino
Tech assistants: Jackson Becker '18, Adrian Monzon '21, Chanler Sharpe '19
Manager of User Support Services: Skip Williamson
Set Design: Chanler Sharpe '19, Jackson Becker '18, Tyler Scotti '21
Director of Publications & Online Communications: Deb O’Reilly
Photographers: Holly Victor '89, Rishabh Kancherla '19
General & moral support: Jessica Harms, Deb O’Reilly, Riley Brady '13

A special thanks to our maintenance and custodial staff for their help with cleaning and set up, to the administration for supporting this event, to the Home and School Association for their financial support, to Kristina Bauman and Farley’s Bookshop for organizing a table of presenter-recommended books, to Jamie Harms for donating cold brew coffee, to Melissa Hamilton '78, Laura DeCerchio, Riley Brady '13, Jon Downs '71, P'03 '08 '09, Chris May P'19, Dominique Wander '20, Koyi Lai '19, and Maria McGrath for donating food.


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