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2021-22 Annual Report | In-Kind Gifts

We were once again fortunate this year to have received and accepted generous in-kind gifts from the Solebury community. Many thanks to those who made gifts of art, costumes, lighting, and more. 


° First-year donor
• Five-year donor
*10- to 19-year donor
**20- to 29-year donor
***30- to 39-year donor
****40- to 49-year donor
*****50- to 59-year donor
† for deceased
H for Holmquist Alumnae


Alessia's Bridal and Formal Wear
Charles and Colleen Guernsey P'24° 
Stanley and Lori Jablonowski P'13• 
John Lytkowski and Stacey Roth-Lytkowski P'25° 
Annette and Irv Miller** 
Johnathon Proctor and Patricia Warner-Proctor P'19 •
Sivory LLC.
Venetresca Ltd.